wing chun companion book 2

The Little Idea: Wing Chun Companion Book 2 is the first release of a planned five-part series on Wing Chun (Wing Tsun).  This book covers the first form of the system known as siu nim tau.  The first edition of The Little Idea sold out in less than a month despite it not being available in stores at that time.  This critically-acclaimed book by author Alex Richter has already set the bar for all Kung Fu books in the future.  See why Wing Tsun masters the world over have "secretly" ordered this book for the purposes of learning new material to teach in their schools. 

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Details and Praise for The Little Idea


The Little Idea: Wing Chun Companion Book II
By: Alex Richter
Second Edition: June 2016
221 pages, black & white, hundreds of photos
ISBN: 978-0-9972262-0-1
Retail: $29.95

In Brief: Covers the details of Wing Tsun’s first form siu nim tau.  The development of the form, background, context, Chinese mottoes, breathing, and application are thoroughly explained through text, photographs, and annotations.  The entire form is demonstrated in high detail as well.  This is the first release of a five-part series on Wing Chun (Wing Tsun).

“…this book will be of great benefit to any Wing Chun practitioner, no matter which lineage they are following, and should be placed in the “must own” category of books!”
-Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine, Issue 30

“Informative and well-written, Sifu Alex Richter’s first book is an excellent introduction to the Siu Nim Tau form. I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone who is practising, or just interested in learning more about Hong Kong Wing Tsun.”
-Eric Lilleør, Publisher/Editor of Wing Chun Illustrated

“As a researcher, Richter is able to view knowledge with enough impartiality to absorb what is useful, while not rejecting all prior learning as useless and contextualizing it objectively for historical context.”
-Dr. Mark Cheng

“His yearning for knowledge in teaching historical and philosophical correctness is in of itself light years ahead of most martial artists I have come into contact with.”
-Vincent Lyn, Hong Kong actor, Jackie Chan’s Operation Condor, Tiger Cage, Outlaw Brothers

“Through him (Alex Richter), a wider world of movement and martial arts has opened up to me.”
-Mike Yahn, Hollywood stuntman, Sherlock Holmes, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Hunger Games II