the fastest way to develop skills

There is no better way to develop martial arts skills than with one-on-one private instruction.  Whether you want Wing Tsun for self-defense, a fun hobby, fitness, or you need new moves for a movie role - private training is where it's at.  With private training you can:

  • Learn practical fighting skills in a safe and friendly training environment
  • Get in shape without the boredom of the gym
  • Challenge your body with cutting edge mobility and functional movement training

Current WT Students: Sifu Alex is consistently booked for private training and gives priority spots to students in his NYC HQ and to those visiting from other Wing Tsun (WT) schools.  If you are visiting NYC from another WT school, please contact the CWTAA directly for booking. 

Busy NYC Professionals: Since 2015 he has opened a few spots in his weekly schedule for those who don't have the time to join the regular group class.  Although there is currently a waiting list, applications are being accepted for soon-to-be-available spots.   

To find out how to become a private student of Sifu Alex, please visit or call (347) 220-8525 to apply.