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"Learning Kung Fu is a lifestyle. It influences the way you look at everything, not just in fist fighting," said Alex Richter, a Wing Tsun instructor in New York City. "功夫,两个字。一横一竖。"--《一代宗师》

Martial artist, author, and #KungFuGenius, Alex Richter


Sifu Alex Richter is a martial arts fanatic who authored the critically-acclaimed The Little Idea and also co-hosts the Dudes of Kung Fu podcast.  In just a few short years he went from teaching at rented dance studios to developing the biggest Wing Tsun center in NYC.  His intense expertise first gained worldwide exposure through his popular Wing Chun series on  Sifu Alex has been featured on VICE, The Discovery Channel, NBC, PBS, Black Belt Magazine, Kung Fu/Taichi Magazine, Wing Chun Illustrated, and Harper's Bazaar.  



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