Sifu Alex Richter is one of the most dedicated and skilled Wing Tsun exponents I’ve met in my over 30 years of experience in the martial arts world.
— Bey Logan, Producer, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II

a lifetime dedicated to martial arts

Alex has been studying martial arts since the age of eight.  By the age of fifteen he already earned a black belt in Taekwondo and was completely obsessed with Bruce Lee.  During his late teen years he began training in wing chun, grappling, and other kung fu systems.  By age twenty, Alex started training in Sifu Leung Ting's brand of wing chun know as Wing Tsun (WT).  This art would become his life's passion. 

His dedication to this art has made him one of the most high profile Wing Tsun instructors in North America.  His specialty is seamlessly blending the Hong Kong style Wing Tsun with modern Western teaching systems and progressions.   Sifu Alex's attention to detail, coupled with his intense knowledge of Chinese culture has put him into his own category. 

His hard work and developed has not gone unnoticed.  His City Wing Tsun Athletic Association has the most members of any WT association in North America.  Wing Tsun devotees from all over the world fly to the NYC HQ to learn from him, even if for only one class. 

In recent years Sifu Alex has graced the cover of Wing Chun Illustrated and been featured in major martial art publications internationally.  Outside of the martial arts press he has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, USA Today, The Discovery Channel, and PBS.  Recently Vice Magazine did an entire feature on Sifu Alex's life and school in NYC.

the mission

The specific brand of Wing Tsun (WT) made famous by Sifu Leung Ting has had international success in Europe.  The leadership of the European Wing Tsun Organization (EWTO) helped to catapult Leung Ting's Wing Tsun into the most practiced form of wing chun in the world.  Unfortunately, the leadership for Leung Ting's Wing Tsun in North America was mostly non-existent since 1980.  To date, Sifu Alex is not only the first WT instructor to replicate the success of schools in Europe, but also to do it in a uniquely American way. 

His entire mission is threefold: 

  1. To promote the life-changing benefits of Wing Tsun for all people
  2. To develop Wing Tsun to stay relevant in the 21st Century
  3. To create a positive atmosphere, free of the politics plaguing other American WT schools

"Wing Tsun (WT) in North America has suffered under the brutal politics of tyrants who have all but killed this famous brand of the art here.  Thankfully they have weeded themselves out of the conversation and Wing Tsun has a chance to breathe again." - Alex Richter

achievements & honors

  • The City Wing Tsun Athletic Association founded by Sifu Alex is officially recognized by the Hong Kong government as a martial arts society
  • Sifu Alex's City Wing Tsun school in NYC is the first full-time Wing Tsun (WT) training center in the over 35-year history of WT in North America
  • Sifu Alex was commissioned as the resident Wing Chun expert for the acclaimed video series on
  • Author of the book The Little Idea: Wing Chun Companion Book among a number of articles for Wing Chun Illustrated magazine
  • Sifu Alex is one of the few instructors in the USA to have had private instruction with every top Wing Tsun instructor - Sifu Leung Ting, Sifu Keith Kernspecht, Sifu Cheng Chuen Fun, Sifu Leung Koon, Sifu Elmond Leung, Sifu Giuseppe Schembri, Sifu Lee Yun Tim, Sifu Leung Kwok Wah, and Sifu Carson Lau. 
  • Ranked as an Eighth Level Master by the World Wushu Kung Fu Masters Association (Hong Kong)
  • Ranked as a Fifth Level Practitioner and Senior Instructor in the Lee Yun Tim Wing Tsun Promotion Association (Hong Kong)
  • Permanent member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association (Hong Kong)
  • Black belt in Taekwondo by the World Taekwondo Federation (Seoul, Korea)
  • Certified in the Movement Code Sports Science and Cardio Code fitness certifications under Kenneth Jay
  • The ONLY American graduate of Langenzell Castle, the former Trainer Academy for the European Wing Tsun Organization (EWTO).
  • Co-host of the Dudes of Kung Fu podcast with Sifu Sean Madigan
  • Host of the web series World of Fighters